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Real Estate

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation is one of Rastegar Law’s highly developed areas of expertise which focuses on litigation arising from real estate and real property transactions. Litigation is an essential path to protect the value of real estate where there has been fraud, non-disclosure, concealment, or hidden defects which affect the value and marketability of the specific real property acquired. 

Where the value and marketability of a property is diminished by fraud and misrepresentation, or where a property simply isn’t what it was represented to be, the burden of that loss should be borne by those responsible. Mikel Rastegar has been successfully litigating these cases for 15 years.

Real Estate Contract Disputes

Real estate contract disputes are rarely accidental. They are most often the result of a calculated and intentional desire by one party to take advantage of another party, with brokers and agents either complicit or looking the other way, and quite often are the result of deception and fraud, leaving the new owner and buyer with a dilemma, whether to bear the loss or pursue recovery. 

A consultation and case evaluation with Mikel Rastegar is the key to gaining information and insight to resolve this dilemma and decide the best course of action.

Commercial And Residential Real Estate Transactions

California presents many challenges regarding real estate. It has exquisite locations with incomparable beauty and opportunities. But it also presents many problematic issues, from paperwork and documentation to zoning, land-use regulation and competition for limited parcels.

Real Estate Transaction Disclosure in California

Real estate transaction disclosure requirements in California are simple and straight-forward: requiring compete and full disclosure of all known facts and conditions materially affecting the value or desirability of the property from the perspective of the buyer.  Not surprisingly, many real property disclosures fail to comply, through the intentional manipulation of information and disclosures to the advantage of the seller. Many of these are minor.

However, when they seriously affect the value of the property, the law provides rights, protections, and recovery to the property owner.

Experienced And Cost-Effective Counsel

We have decades of experience practicing real estate, construction, and development law to help our clients achieve their goals. Our representation can be as comprehensive as your deal or transaction requires, and we are always sensitive to your bottom-line with responsive, efficient and cost-effective counsel.

Business Law

Attorney At Rastegar Law

The attorneys at Rastegar Law have over vast years of combined experience in business law. We advise and represent clients with a broad variety of business matters, including:

  • Business formation matters such as choosing an entity or drafting the documents necessary to set up your business

  • Contract matters such as negotiating terms, drafting the final agreement and litigating disputes

  • Business disputes involving shareholders, customers or clients, or disputes among the owners that can damage a company if not quickly resolved

Our attorneys provide the experienced representation our clients expect. We handle immediate legal needs, but also work to develop a relationship with our clients, allowing us to better understand your business and to better handle your legal needs in the future.

Cost Effective Business Law Counsel

Our attorneys have represented a range of business and corporate clients, including financial institutions, developers, and large and small businesses since the early 1990s. Legal issues are omnipresent in the business and commercial sphere and seeking counsel before disputes occur helps to minimize the risk of litigation.

Formation issues are often overlooked until disputes occur. We provide holistic guidance for your company, ensuring your businesses’ structure is on a firm foundation. We can review contract issues, help you negotiate business transactions or provide experienced litigation support, from pre-trial to appeals.

Contract Drafting & Review

Contracts That Best Serve Your Business

When drafting a contract, we carefully assess the needs of our clients. Our goal is not only to get the client what they want, but to also ensure the terms will remain beneficial well in to the future. We can draft practical, enforceable, and beneficial agreements that will best serve the interests of our clients, including:

  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Construction Contracts
  • Loan Agreements
  • Vendor or Supplier Contracts
  • Contractor Compliance Contracts

In addition to drafting legal agreements, we review any type of business contract on behalf our clients. Our knowledge of the law and commitment to client interests allows us to ensure you are not signing anything that is not truly beneficial for your company objectives.

Enforceable Contracts

Strong and enforceable contracts are a critical aspect of doing business. Mr. Rastegar has been assisting businesses in Los Angeles and beyond with various legal concerns, including contract drafting and review. Our attention to detail and knowledge of the day-to-day challenges many businesses face allows us to provide effective guidance for all of your contractual concerns.

Failure to carefully review a contract or signing a poorly drafted contract can have significant consequences, including litigation, financial loss and more. Our flexible payment structures and plans allow us to serve California businesses of all sizes with varying legal needs. You do not have to expose yourself to unnecessary financial risk by navigating contract matters on your own – we can help.